St Michael's, Horton

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Photo Gallery

April 2017

Ian Harman with his presentation clock, 40 years organist at St Michael's
Ian Harman receiving his presentation clock
Easter Garden 2017

November 2016

St Michael's Church decorated for Remembrance Sunday
Poppy banner outside St.Michael's
The wreathlayers
Colin and Beryl leading the Act of Remembrance
Laying St.Michael's wreath

October 2016

A special baptism, Lucy, one of our own on Sunday 9th October

August 2016

The Romani people of Horton and surrounding area
Kathy Atkinson introducing Travelling Home 2
Terry Doe recounting the history
Beryl Walters and Kathy Atkinson leading the service
Blessing the churchyard 1
Blessing the churchyard 2
And now THE FOOD
Food, glorious food

June 2016

John and Margaret Lenton viewing the 90th Birthday Display
Lucy Foster's triple display
Lucy's red display
Lucy's white display
Lucy's blue display
Yvonne Tillyer's font display
Horton Memories
Horton Memories

April 2016

Floral Display class in action
Janet Baxter's display
Paula Blackman's display
Pat Blackman's display
Mary Blackman's display
Kathy Atkinson's display
Katrina Musgrove's display
Stuart Inger shows our Vicar how to raise the flag at St Michael's
Colin Gibson (Vicar) and Joseph Fernandes (Curate) on the roof of St Michael's tower

November 2015

Mary Hibberd lays the wreath at Horton War Memorial
Church Parade at St Michael's for Remembrance Sunday

August 2015

New deacons from Oxford Diocese

July 2015

Colin and Angela welcoming everyone to 'Travelling Home'
A marvellous full church for 'Travelling Home'
View from the choir
Historic photographs on display at 'Travelling Home'
Kathy Atkinson speaking at 'Travelling Home'
Terry Doe speaking at 'Travelling Home'      (Click here to read Terry Doe's talk at 'Travelling Home')
Serving up the food at 'Travelling Home'
Joseph Fernandes and family

June 2015

Sally and David Tanner the bridal party arrives - 20th June 2015
Sally and David Tanner - Father and Daughter - 20th June 2015
Sally and David Tanner - the guests - 20th June 2015
Sally and David Tanner - signing the register - 20th June 2015
Congratulations Sally and David Tanner - 20th June 2015
Sally and David Tanner - with confetti- 20th June 2015
Colin at the Wraysbury Medieval Fayre
St Michael's entry to Magna Carta Flower Flesival(1)
St Michael's entry to Magna Carta Flower Flesival(2)

April 2015

Easter Garden in the Lady Chapel

February 2015

Pictures of snowdrops in St Michael's churchyard

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